Sara Douglass
Series: The Axis Trilogy (US: The Wayfarer Redemption)
BattleAxe   UK US
Enchanter   UK US
StarMan   UK US
Series: The Wayfarer Redemption
Sinner UK US
Pilgrim UK US
Crusader UK US
Series: DarkGlass Mountain
The Serpent Bride UK US
The Twisted Citadel 6th May 2008 UK US
? soon...
Series: The Crucible
The Nameless Day UK US
The Wounded Hawk UK US
The Crippled Angel UK US
Series: The Troy Game
Hades' Daughter UK US
God's Concubine UK US
Darkwitch Rising UK US
Druid's Sword UK US
Beyond the Hanging Wall UK US
Threshold UK US
The Betrayal of Arthur UK