Craig Shaw Gardner
Series: Cineverse
Slaves of the Volcano God UK US
Bride of the Slime Monster UK US
Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies UK US
Series: Ebenezum
A Malady of Magicks UK US
A Multitude of Monsters UK US
A Night in the Netherhells UK US
Series: Ballad of Wuntvor
A Difficulty With Dwarves UK US
An Excess of Enchantments UK US
A Disagreement With Death UK US
Series: Ebenezum related
A Malady of Magicks short story
Series: Arabian Nights
The Other Sinbad UK US
A Bad Day For Ali Baba UK US
Scheherazade's Night Out US: The Last Arabian Night UK US
Series: The Dragon Cirle
Raven Walking US: Dragon Sleeping UK US
Dragon Waking UK US
Dragon Burning UK US
Series: The Changeling Saga
The Changeling War as Peter Garrison UK US
The Sorcerer's Gun as Peter Garrison UK US
The Magic Dead as Peter Garrison UK US