Michael Moorcock
Series: The Eternal Champion
The Eternal Champion The Eternal Champion - Phoenix in Obsidian - To Rescue Talelorn - The Sundered Worlds UK US
Von Bek The Warhound and the World's Pain - The City in the Autumn Stars - The Pleasure Gardens of Felippe Sagitarius - The Dragon in the Sword UK US
Hawkmoon The Jewel in the Skull - The Mad God's Amulet - The Sword of the Dawn - The Runestaff UK US
A Nomad of the Time Streams The Warlord of the Air - The Land Leviathan - The Steel Tsar UK US
Elric: Song of the Black Sword Elric of Melnibone - Sailor of the Sea of Fate - The Weird of White Wolf UK US
The Roads Between the Worlds The Wrecks of Time - The Winds of Limbo - The Shores of Death UK US
Corum: The Coming of Chaos The Knights of the Swords - The Queen of the Swords - The King of the Swords UK US
Sailing to Utopia The Ice Shooner - The Black Corridor - Flux - The Distant Suns UK US
Kane of Old Mars Warriors of Mars - Blades of Mars - Barbarians of Mars UK US
The Dancers at the End of Time An Alien Heat - The Hollow Lands - The End of All Songs - Legends from the End of Time - A Messiah at the End of Time UK US
Elric: The Stealer of Souls The Sleeping Sorceress - Revenge of the Rose - The Stealer of Souls - Kings in Darkness - The Caravan of Forgotten Dreams - Stormbringer UK US
Corum: The Prince With the Silver Hand The Bull and the Spear - The Oak and the Ram - The Sword and the Stallion UK US
Legends from the End of Time Pale Roses - White Stars - Ancient Shadows - Constant Fires - Elric at the End of Time UK US
Earl Aubec The Greater Conqueror - The Deep Fix - My Experience in the Third World War - The Golden Barge - The Time Dweller UK US
Count Brass Count Brass - The Champion of Garathorm - The Quest for Tanelorn UK US
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Series: Between the Wars
Byzantium Endures UK US
The Laughter of Carthage UK US
Jerusalem Commands UK US
The Vengeance of Rome soon...
Mother London UK US
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Gloriana, or the Unfulfill'd Queen UK US
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