L. E. Modesitt Jr.
Series: Recluse
The Magic of Recluse UK US
The Towers of Sunset UK US
The Magic Engineer UK US
The Order War UK US
The Death of Chaos UK US
Fall of Angels UK US
The Chaos Balance UK US
The White Order UK US
Colours of Chaos US: Colors of Chaos UK US
Magi'i of Cyador UK US
Scion of Cyador UK US
Wellspring of Chaos UK US
Ordermaster UK US
Series: The Spellsong Cycle
The Soprano Sorceress UK US
The Spellsong War UK US
Darksong Rising UK US
The Shadow Sorceress UK US
Shadowsinger UK US
Series: Ghosts
Of Tangible Ghosts UK US
The Ghost of the Revelator UK US
Ghost of the White Night UK US
Series: The Corean Chronicles
Legacies UK US
Darknesses UK US
Scepters UK US
Alector's Choice UK US
Cadmian's Choice UK US
Soarer's Choice 14th November 2006 UK US