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crooty's band page:

Melissa Glenn Haber
The Heroic Adventures of Hercules Amsterdam US
Beyond the Dragon Portal UK US

J. K. Haderack
Mercer's Whore UK

H. Rider Haggard unofficial site
Series: She
Ayesha UK US
Series: Allan Quatermain
King Solomon's Mines UK US
Allan Quatermain UK US
Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold US
Marie UK US
Allan and the Holy Flower UK
Allan and the Ice Gods US
Allan's Wife US
The Ivory Child UK US
Series: She and Allan Quatermain related
She and Allan UK US
Series: Zulu Nation
Nada the Lily UK US
The People of the Mist US
Eric Brighteyes UK US
The World's Desire UK US
Belshazzar UK US
Montezuma's Daughter UK US

Mary Downing Hahn official site
The Time of the Witch US

Linda Wilson Haldeman
The Last Born of Elvinwood US
Esbae US
Star of the Sea US

Beverly A. Hale
The Happiness Box US
The Essence of Stone US

F. J. Hale
Series: After the Spell Wars
Ogre Castle US
In the Sea Nymph's Lair US

Shannon Hale
The Goose Girl UK US
Enna Burning UK US
Princess Academy UK US

Edward Elton Young Hales
Chariot of Fire US

James L. Haley
The Lions of Tsavo US

Lauren Halkon official site
Night Seekers UK US

J. E. Hall
The Wall UK US

Lynn Hall
*The Secret Life of Dagmar Schultz UK US
Dagmar Schultz and the Angel Edna UK US

Willis Hall
Series: Lilliput
The Secret Visitors a.k.a. The Return of the Antelope UK
The Secret Visitors Take Charge a.k.a. The Antelope Company Ashore
The Secret Visitors Fight Back a.k.a. The Antelope Company at Large UK

Leslie Halliwell
Return to Shangri-La

Robert Halmo official site
Series: Lords of Darkness, Lords of Light
Children of the Grove UK US

Barbara Hambly official site
Series: Darwarth
The Time of the Dark UK US
The Walls of Air US
The Armies of Daylight UK US
Mother of Winter UK US
Icefalcon's Quest UK US
Series: Sunwolf and Starhawk
The Ladies of Mandrigyn US
Witches of Wenshar UK US
Dark Hand of Magic US
Series: Winterlands
Dragonsbane UK US
Dragonshadow UK US
Knight of the Demon Queen UK US
Dragonstar UK US
Series: Windrose
The Silent Tower US
Silicon Mage US
Dog Wizard US
Series: Windrose related
Sorcerer's Ward US: Stranger at the Wedding US
Series: Sun Cross
Rainbow Abyss US
The Magicians of Night US
Sisters of the Raven UK US
Circle of the Moon UK US
Bride of the Rat God UK US
Magic Time with Marc Zicree UK US
Fading of the Light soon...

Pete Hamill official site
Forever UK US

Laurell K. Hamilton official site
Nightseer UK US

Dennis Hamley
Hare's Choice US

Karen Hancock official site
Series: Legends of the Guardian King
The Light of Eidon UK US
The Shadow Within UK US

Niel Hancock official site
Series: The Cirlcle of Light
Greyfax Grimwald UK US
Faragon Fairingay UK US
Calix Stay UK US
Squaring the Circle UK US
Series: The Wilderness of Four
Across the Far Mountain US
The Plains of the Sea US
On the Boundaries of Darkness US
The Road to the Middle Islands US
Series: The Windameir Circle
The Fires of Windameir US
The Sea of Silence US
A Wanderer's Return US
The Bridge of Dawn US
Dragon Winter US

Bill Hand official site
Series: The Redaemian Chronicles
The One Prince UK US
The Hidden City UK US
The Dragon Child UK US

Elizabeth Hand unofficial site
Waking the Moon UK US
Black Light UK US
Mortal Love UK US

Judith Hand official site
The Amazon and the Warrior UK US

Victoria Hanley
The Seer and the Sword UK US
The Healer's Keep UK US
The Light of the Oracle UK US

Lynn Hanna unofficial site
The Starry Child US
Circle of Time UK US

Christopher L. Hannah
A Walk in the Garden US

Peter Hanratty
The Last Knight of Albion US
The Book of Mordred US

Brooks Hansen
The Chess Garden UK US
Caesar's Antlers UK US
Perlman's Ordeal UK US

Erik Fosnes Hansen
Tales of Protection UK US

Gwen Hansen
Series: Secret of the Unicorn Queen
Sun Blind US
Moonspell US

N. D. Hansen-Hill official site
Series: The Elf Chronicles
Trees UK US
Crystals UK US
Shades UK US
Fire UK US
Light UK US
Gilded Folly

Wil Hanson official site
Smoke in the Wind UK US

W. A. Harbinson
The Lodestone

Kenneth Harding
The Gong of the Sword UK US

Lee Harding
Displaced Person UK

Nancy Harding
Wind Child US
The Silver Land US

Simon Harding
Series: Streamskelter
Streamskelter UK
Chamgeling Hearts UK US

Traci Harding
Series: The Ancient Future
The Ancient Future - The Dark Age
An Echo in Time - Atlantis
Masters of Reality - The Gathering
The Alchemist's Key
The Book of Dreams soon...

Frances Hardinge official site
Fly by Night UK US

Lyndon Hardy
Series: Arcadia
Master of the Five Magics US
Secrets of the Sixth Magic US
Riddle of the Seven Realms US

Donald Harington unofficial site
Series: Stay More
The Cockroaches of Stay More US
With UK US
The Pitcher Show UK US

Thomas Harlan official site
Series: Oath of Empire
The Shadow of Ararat UK US
The Gate of Fire UK US
The Storm of Heaven UK US
The Dark Lord UK US

Andrew Harman
Series: Firkin
The Sorcerer's Appendix UK
The Frogs of War UK US
The Tome Tunnel UK
Fahrenheit 666 UK US
The Deity Dozen UK
101 Damnations UK
The Scrying Game UK US
A Midsummer Night's Gene UK
It Came from on High UK
The Suburban Slamander Incident UK
Talonspotting UK

Charles L. Harness
Cybele, with Bluebonnets UK US

Tara K. Harper official site
Series: Tales of the Wolves
Wolfwalker US
Shadow Leader UK US
Storm Runner UK US
Wolf's Bane UK US
Greyheart UK US

Jacqueline Harpman
Orlanda UK US

Patrick Harpur

Anne Harris official site
Inventing Memory UK US

Deborah Turner Harris
Series: The Adept
The Adept with Katherine Kurtz UK US
The Lodge of the Lynx with Katherine Kurtz UK US
The Templar Treasure with Katherine Kurtz UK US
Dagger Magic with Katherine Kurtz UK US
Death of an Adept with Katherine Kurtz UK US
Series: The Templar
The Temple and the Stone with Katherine Kurtz UK US
The Temple and the Crown with Katherine Kurtz UK US
Series: Caledon
Caledon of the Mists US
The Queen of Ashes US
The City of Exile US
Series: Mages of Garillon
The Burning Stone UK US
Gauntlet of Malice UK US
Spiral of Fire US

Elizabeth Harris
The Sacrifice Stone US

MacDonald Harris
The Little People US
The Cathay Stories and Other Fictions short stories US

Thomas Harris
*The Silence of the Lambs (*Le Silence des Agneaux)   UK US
*Hannibal UK US
*Red Dragon UK US
*Behind the Mask 30th April 2006 UK US

Geraldine Harris Pinch official site
Series: Seven Citadels
Prince of the Godborn US
The Children of the Wind US
The Dead Kingdom UK US
The Seventh Gate US

M. John Harrison
Series: Viriconium
The Pastel City UK US
A Storm of Wings UK US
In Viriconium UK
Viriconium Nights short stories UK US
The Wild Road with Jane Johnson - as Gabriel King UK US
The Golden Cat with Jane Johnson - as Gabriel King UK US
The Knot Garden with Jane Johnson - as Gabriel King UK
Nonesuch with Jane Johnson - as Gabriel King UK US
The Course of the Heart UK US

Mette Ivie Harrison official site
Mira, Mirror UK US

Harry Harrison & John Holm
Series: Hammer and the Cross
The Hammer and the Cross UK US
One King's Way UK US
King and Emperor UK US

James B. Harshfield
The Key of Ban US
? soon...
? soon...

J. V. Hart official site
Capt. Hook UK US

L. P. Hartley
The Complete Short Stories of L.P. Hartley short stories US

The Harvard Lampoon
Bored of the Rings UK US

Kenneth J. Harvey official site
The Town That Forgot How to Breathe UK US

Peter W. Hassinger
The Book of Alfar UK US

Michele Hauf official site
Series: Changling
Seraphim UK US
Gossamyr UK US
Rhiana 1st May 2006 UK US

Chad Hautmann
Billie's Ghost UK US

Candace Havens official site
Series: Bronwyn the Witch
Charmed & Dangerous UK US
Charmed & Ready UK US
Charmed & Deadly UK US

Robin Hawdon
A Rustle in the Grass US

louise Hawes
Series: Neils Orsen
Nelson Malone Meets the Man from Mush-Nut UK US
Nelson Malone Saves Flight 942 US

Simon Hawke
Series: Birthright
The Iron Throne US
War US
Series: The Sorcerer
The Reluctant Sorcerer US
The Inadequate Adept US
The Ambivalent Magician US
Series: Wizard of 4th Street
The Wizard of 4th Street US
The Wizard of Whitechapel US
The Wizard of Sunset Strip US
The Wizard of Rue Morgue US
The Samurai Wizard US
The Wizard of Santa Fe
The Wizard of Camelot US
The Wizard of Lovecraft's Cafe US
The Last Wizard US
Series: Wizard of 4th Street related
The Nine Lives of Catseye Gomez US
Series: Dark Sun: Chronicles of Athas
The Broken Blade US
Series: Dark Sun: Tribe of One
The Outcast US
The Seeker US
The Nomad US

Elizabeth Haydon official site
Series: The Rhapsody Trilogy
Rhapsody: Child of Blood   UK US
Prophecy: Child of Earth   UK US
Destiny: Child of the Sky   UK US
Series: The Symphony of Ages
Requiem for the Sun UK US
Elegy for a Lost Star UK US
The Assassin King 9th January 2007 UK US
Series: The Symphony of Ages related
Threshold short story UK US
Series: The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme
The Floating Island 22nd August 2006 UK US

Amber Hayward
The Healer UK US

Paul Hazel
Series: Finnbranch
Yearwood US
Undersea US
Winterking US
The Wealdwife's Tale US

Kim Headlee official site
Series: The Legend of Guinevere
Dawnflight UK US
Morning's Journey soon...
Zenith Glory soon...
Snow in July soon...

Seamus Heaney unofficial site
Beowulf   UK US

Julie Hearn official site
Follow Me Down US: Sign of the Raven UK US
The Merrybegot US: The Minister's Daughter UK US

Lian Hearn official site
Series: Tales of the Otori
Across the Nightingale Floor UK US
Grass for His Pillow UK US
Brilliance of the Moon UK US

Betsy Hearne
Eli's Ghost UK US

Carol Hedges
Jigsaw UK
Red Velvet UK
Bright Angel UK
The Scabbard's Song UK US

Larry C. Hedrick
Series: Beyond the Shores of Time
Sword of Elfame UK US

D. A. Heeley
Series: Darkness and Light
Lilith UK US
Ronin UK US

Robert A. Heinlein unofficial site
The Fantasies of Robert A. Heinlein short stories UK US

D. J. Heinrich
Series: Dungeons & Dragons: Penhaligon
The Tainted Sword US
The Dragon's Tomb US
The Fall of Magic US

John Helfers
Siege of Night and Fire UK US

Carol Heller
Series: The Shunlar Chronicles
The Gates of Vensunor US
The Sands of Kalaven UK US
The Stones of Stiga UK US

Colleen Helme
Child of the Flame UK US

Mark Helprin unofficial site
Series: Swan Lake
Swan Lake US
A City in Winter US
The Veil of Snows US
Winter's Tale UK US
A Dove of the East and Other Stories short stories UK US

Michael Hemmingson
The Rose of Heaven UK US

Jan-Andrew Henderson
Secret City UK US
Hunting Charlie Wilson UK US

Jason Henderson official site
Series: MacBeth
The Iron Thane UK US
The Spawn of Loki US
The Darkling Band soon...

Zenna Henderson unofficial site
The Anything Box US

Eric S. Hendricks
Covina UK US
Stands the Archer UK US

Diana Hendry
Minders UK

Frances Mary Hendry
Quest for a Kelpie US
Quest for a Maid UK US
Series: Quest for a Queen
The Falcon UK
The Lark UK
The Jackdaw UK US
Series: Atlantis
Atlantis UK
Atlantis in Peril UK

James Heneghan official site
Flood UK US

Tom Henighan
The Well of Time

Maeve Henry unofficial site
The Witch King US
Midwinter UK

David Henshall
Starchild and Witchfire

James Herbert unofficial site
Fluke UK US

Kathleen Herbert
Series: Dark Ages
Queen of the Lightning US
Ghost in the Sunlight US
Bride of the Spear US

Mary H. Herbert
Dark Horse US
Lightning's Daughter US
Valorian US
City of Sorcerers US
Winged Magic US
Series: DragonLance: Bridges of Time
Legacy of Steel UK US
Series: DragonLance: Crossroads
The Clandestine Circle UK US
Dragon's Bluff UK US
Series: DragonLance: Linsha
City of the Lost UK US
Flight of the Fallen UK US
Return of the Exile UK US

John Herman
Labyrinth UK US

Cory J. Herndon official site
Series: Magic, the Gathering: Mirrodin Cycle
The Fifth Dawn UK US
Series: Magic, the Gathering: Ravnica Cycle
Ravnica UK US
Guildpact UK US
Dissension UK US

Marcus Herniman
Series: The Arrandin Trilogy
The Siege of Arrandin UK
The Treason of Dortrean UK
The Fall of Lautun UK

Amy Herrick
At the Sign of the Naked Waiter US

Kathleen Hersom
The Half Child US

David Herter
Evening's Empire UK US
On the Overgrown Path soon...

Hermann Hesse unofficial site
The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse short stories UK US

Karen Hesse unofficial site
The Music of Dolphins UK US

James A. Hetley official site
Dragon's Eye UK US
Dragon's Teeth soon...
The Summer Country UK US
The Winter Oak UK US

Stephen F. Hickman
The Lemurian Stone US

Tracy Hickman official site
Series: The Darksword Trilogy
Forging the Darksword with Margaret Weis UK US
Doom of the Darksord with Margaret Weis UK US
Triumph of the Darksword with Margaret Weis UK US
Legacy of the Darksword with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: Darksword related
Darksword Adventures with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: Rose of the Prophet
The Will of the Wanderer with Margaret Weis UK US
The Paladin of the Night with Margaret Weis UK US
The Prophet of Akran with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: The Death Gate Cycle
Dragon Wing with Margaret Weis UK US
Elven Star with Margaret Weis UK US
Fire Sea with Margaret Weis UK US
Serpent Mage with Margaret Weis UK US
The Hand of Chaos with Margaret Weis UK US
Into the Labyrinth with Margaret Weis UK US
The Seventh Gate with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: DragonLance: Chronicles
Dragons of Autumn Twilight (Dragons d'un Crépuscule d'Automne) with Margaret Weis   UK US
Dragons of Winter Night (Dragons d'une Nuit d'Hiver) with Margaret Weis   UK US
Dragons of Spring Dawning (Dragons d'une Aube de Printemps) with Margaret Weis   UK US
Dragons of Summer Flame with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: DragonLance: Legends
Time of the Twins with Margaret Weis UK US
War of the Twins with Margaret Weis UK US
Test of the Twins with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: DragonLance: Tales
The Magic of Krynn with Margaret Weis UK US
Kender, Gully Dwarves and Gnomes with Margaret Weis UK US
Love and War with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: DragonLance: Tales II
The Reign of Istar with Margaret Weis and Nancy Varian Berberick UK US
The Cataclysm with Margaret Weis and Nancy Varian Berberick UK US
The War of the Lance with Margaret Weis, Michael Williams and Richard A. Knaak UK US
Series: DragonLance: The War of Souls
Dragons of a Fallen Sun with Margaret Weis UK US
Dragons of a Lost Star with Margaret Weis UK US
Dragons of a Vanished Moon with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Search for Magic
Tales from the War of Souls with Margaret Weis - short stories UK US
Series: DragonLance related
The History of Dragonlance with Margaret Weis UK US
The Second Generation Realms of Dragons: The World of Weis and Hickman with Margaret Weis UK US
Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home: The Complete Krynn Sourcebook with Margaret Weis UK US
More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home with Margaret Weis UK US
Dragons in the Archives with Margaret Weis - short stories UK US
Series: The Sovereign Stone
The Well of Darkness with Margaret Weis UK US
Guardians of the Lost with Margaret Weis UK US
Journey into the Void with Margaret Weis UK US
Series: The Bronze Canticles
Mystic Warrior with Laura Hickman UK US
Mythic Quest with Laura Hickman UK US
Mystic Empire with Laura Hickman - 12th April 2006 UK US

Jason Hightman
Series: The Saint of Dragons
The Saint of Dragons UK US
Samurai UK US

Jamake Highwater
Dark Legend US
Rama, a Legend US

Diana Hignutt official site
Moonsword UK US
Empress of Clouds UK US

Tim & Greg Hildebrandt unofficial site
Urshurak US

Beth Hilgartner
Colors in the Dreamweaver's Loom US
The Feast of the Trickster US
A Business of Ferrets UK US
Parliament of Owls US

Douglas Hill
Series: Apotheosis
The Lightless Dome US
The Leafless Forest US
Series: Talents
Blade of the Poisoner US
Master of Fiends US
Penelope's Pendant US
Malcolm and the Cloud-Stealer UK

Pamela Smith Hill
The Last Grail Keeper UK US

Stuart Hill
The Cry of the Icemark UK US
? soon...
? soon...

William Hill
Wizard Sword UK US

Lee J. Hindle
Dragon Fall US

Jim C. Hines official site
Goblin Quest UK US
Goblin Hero UK US
Goblin War UK US

Nigel Hinton
Out of the Darkness UK

S. E. Hinton
The Puppy Sister UK US
The Harbor soon...

Shere Hite
The Divine Comedy of Ariadne and Jupiter UK US

Sid Hite
Dither Farm US
Those Darn Dithers UK US
Answer My Prayer UK US
The Distance of Hope US

Russell Hoban unofficial site
The Marzipan Pig US
The Medusa Frequency US
The Mouse and His Child UK US
Mr Rinyo-Clacton's Offer UK
Pilgermann US
The Rain Door UK US
The Trokeville Way UK US
The Lion of Boaz-Jachin and Jachin-Boaz UK US
Amaryllis Night and Day UK
Kleinzeit UK US
Her Name Was Lola UK US
Come Dance with Me UK US

Robin Hobb official site
Series: The Farseer
Assassin's Apprentice   UK US
Royal Assassin   UK US
Assassin's Quest   UK US
Series: Liveship Traders
Ship of Magic   UK US
The Mad Ship US: Mad Ship   UK US
Ship of Destiny   UK US
Series: The Tawny Man
Fool's Errand   UK US
Golden Fool   UK US
Fool's Fate   UK US
Series: The Rain Wild Chronicles
The Dragon Keeper   UK US
Dragon Haven   UK US
City of Dragons   UK US
Blood of Dragons   UK US
Series: Fitz and the Fool
Fool's Assassin UK US
Fool's Quest UK US
Assassin's Fate 7th March 2017
Series: Six Duchies & Cursed Shores related
The Inheritance (En Héritage) short story  
Homecoming short story   UK US
Words Like Coins short story   UK US
Blue Boots short story   UK US
The Inheritance short stories   UK US
Cat's Meat short story  
The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince   UK US
Series: Soldier Son
Shaman's Crossing   UK US
Forest Mage   UK US
Renegade's Magic   UK US
Series: Liavek
A Coincidence of Birth short story - as Megan Lindholm
Pot Luck short story - as Megan Lindholm
An Act of Mercy short story - as Megan Lindholm - with Steven Brust
An Act of Love short story - as Megan Lindholm - with Steven Brust and Gregory Frost
Series: Windsingers
Bones for Dulath short story - as Megan Lindholm UK US
Harpy's Flight as Megan Lindholm   UK US
The Windsingers as Megan Lindholm   UK US
The Limbreth Gate as Megan Lindholm   UK US
Luck of the Wheels as Megan Lindholm   UK US
The Reindeer People as Megan Lindholm   UK US
Wolf's Brother as Megan Lindholm   UK US
Wizard of the Pigeons as Megan Lindholm   UK US
Cloven Hooves as Megan Lindholm UK US
The Gypsy as Megan Lindholm - with Steven Brust UK US
Silver Lady and the Fortyish Man short story - as Megan Lindholm  
A Touch of Lavender short story - as Megan Lindholm  
Grace Notes short story - as Megan Lindholm  
The Triumph short story
Cut short story - as Megan Lindholm  
The Fifth Squashed Cat short story - as Megan Lindholm  
Strays short story - as Megan Lindholm  
Finis short story - as Megan Lindholm  
Drum Machine short story - as Megan Lindholm  
Euthanasia short story  
Alone short story - as Megan Lindholm  
Old Paint short story - as Megan Lindholm
Neighbours short story - as Megan Lindholm - 3rd December 2013 UK US

Will Hobbs
Kokopelli's Flute UK US

Adam Hoch
Series: The Flames of Antioch
Providence Vanished UK US

Martin Hocke
The Ancient Solitary Reign US
The Lost Domain

John C. Hocking
Series: Conan
Conan and the Emerald Lotus UK US

Patricia Christine Hodgell unofficial site
Series: Jame and the Kencyrath
God Stalk US
Dark of the Moon US
Seeker's Mask US
Dark of the Gods UK US
Jame Goes to the Citadel soon...
Blood and Ivory short stories

Barbara M. Hodges
Series: Daradawn
The Blue Flame UK US
The Emerald Dagger UK US
The Silver Angel US

Barbara Hodgson official site
The Tatooed Map UK US

Michael Hoeye official site
Series: Hermux Tantamoq
Time Stops for No Mouse UK US
The Sands of Time US
No Time Like Show Time UK US

Alice Hoffman official site
Aquamarine UK US
Indigo UK US
Turtle Moon UK US
Practical Magic UK US
The Probable Future UK US
Green Angel UK US
Blackbird House UK US
The Ice Queen UK US
The Foretelling UK US

Mary Hoffman official site
Series: Stravaganza
City of Masks UK US
City of Stars UK US
City of Flowers UK US

Nina Kiriki Hoffman
A Red Heart of Memories UK US
Past the Size of Dreaming UK US
A Stir of Bones UK US
A Fistful of Sky UK US
Fall of Light soon...
Child of an Ancient City with Tad Williams US

Dianne Hofmeyr unofficial site
The Waterbearer UK US

Gregory J. Holch
The Things with Wings UK US

Nancy Holder official site
Spirited UK US

Robert Holdstock
Series: Mythago Wood
Mythago Wood   UK US
Lavondyss   UK US
The Hollowing   UK US
Merlin's Wood   UK
Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn   UK US
Series: Mythago Wood Prequel
The Bone Forest short stories   UK
Series: Mythago Wood related
Ancient Echoes   UK US
Series: Raven
Swordmistress of Chaos with Angus Wells - as Richard Kirk UK US
A Time of Ghosts with Angus Wells - as Richard Kirk UK US
The Frozen God with Angus Wells - as Richard Kirk UK US
Lords of the Shadows with Angus Wells - as Richard Kirk UK US
A Time of Dying with Angus Wells - as Richard Kirk UK US
Series: The Merlin Codex
Celtika UK US
The Iron Grail UK US
The Broken Kings soon...
Chimeras with Christopher Evans

Cecelia Holland unofficial site
The Soul Thief UK US
The Witches' Kitchen UK US
The Serpent Dreamer UK US
The Angel and the Sword UK US

Jack Holland
The Fire Queen US

Helen Hollick
Series: Pendragon's Banner
The Kingmaking UK US
Pendragon's Banner UK US
Shadow of the King UK US

Greg Hollingshead
The Healer UK US

John Eric Holmes
The Maze of Peril US

Tom Holt official site
Expecting Someone Taller UK US
Who's Afraid of Beowulf? UK US
Flying Dutch UK US
Ye Gods! UK US
Overtime UK US
Here Comes the Sun UK US
Grailblazers UK US
Faust Among Equals UK US
Odds and Gods UK US
Djinn Rummy UK US
My Hero UK US
Paint Your Dragon UK US
Open Sesame UK
Wish You Were Here UK US
Only Human UK US
Snow White and the Seven Samurai UK US
Valhalla UK US
Nothing But Blue Skies UK US
Falling Sideways UK US
Little People UK US
The Portable Door UK US
In Your Dreams UK US
Earth, Air, Fire and Custard UK US
You Don't Have to Be Evil to Work Here, But It Helps UK US
Barking UK US

Daniel Hood official site
Series: Liam Rhenford
Fanuilh US
Wizard's Heir US
Beggar's Banquet UK US
Scales of Justice UK US
King's Cure UK US

Meredith Hooper
The Journal of Watkin Stench UK
The Pole-Seekers UK

Brian A. Hopkins official site
Tell Me a Story short story US

Stephanie T. Hoppe
The Windrider US

Anthony Horowitz
The Devil and His Boy UK US

William Horwood
Series: The Duncton Chronicles
Duncton Wood UK US
Duncton Quest
Duncton Found UK
Series: The Book of Silence
Duncton Tales UK US
Duncton Stone UK US
Duncton Rising UK US
Series: The Tales of the Willows
The Willows in Winter UK US
Toad Triumphant UK US
The Willows and Beyond UK US
The Willows at Christmas UK
Series: The Wolves of Time
Journeys to the Heartland UK US
Seekers of the Wulfrock UK US
Callanish US
Skallagrigg UK
The Stonor Eagles US

John Hosken
Meet Mr. Majimpsey US

Gerard Daniel Houarner unofficial site
The Bard of Sorcery US

Clemence Housman
The Life of Sir Aglovale de Galis UK US

Isabel Hoving unofficial site
The Dream Merchant UK US

Madeline Howard
Series: The Runes of Unmaking
The Hidden Stars UK US

Robert E. Howard unofficial site
Series: Conan
Conan with Lin Carter and L. Sprague DeCamp UK US
Conan of Cimmeria with Lin Carter and L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Freebooter with L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Wanderer with Lin Carter and L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Adventurer with L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Warrior US
Conan the Usurper with L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Conqueror US: The Hour of the Dragon - with L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Avenger with L. Sprague DeCamp and Bjorn Nyberg US
Conan of Aquilonia with Lin Carter and L. Sprague DeCamp US
Conan the Swordsman with Lin Carter, L. Sprague DeCamp and Bjorn Nyberg US
The Treasure of Tranicos with L. Sprague DeCamp US
The Flame Knife with L. Sprague DeCamp US
Series: Conan related
The Conquering Sword of Conan short stories UK US
Series: Bran Mak Morn
Bran Mak Morn US: Worms of the Earth - short stories UK US
Legion from the Shadows with Karl Edward Wagner UK US
Series: Cormac Mac Art
Cormac Mac Art withb David Drake UK US
The Sword of the Gael with Andrew J. Offut US
Almuric US
King Kull US: Kull - with Lin Carter UK US
The Lost Valley of Iskander short stories US
Three-Bladed Doom US
Sword Woman short stories US
Sons of the White Wolf short stories US
Eons of the Night short stories UK US
Trails in Darkness short stories UK US
Beyond the Borders short stories UK US
The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane short stories UK US

Russ T. Howard
Series: Spelljammer: Cloakmaster Cycle
The Ultimate Helm US

Lesley Howarth
The Pits UK US
Paulina UK
I Managed a Monster UK

James Howe unofficial site
Babes in Toyland US

Betsy Howie
Snow UK US

Sarah A. Hoyt official site
Ill Met by Moonlight UK US
All Night Awake UK US
Any Man so Daring UK US
The Heart of Light UK US
The Soul of Fire 29th July 2008 UK US
Heart and Soul 28th October 2008 US
? with Eric Flint - soon...

Series: Swordsmen's Haven at Willow Lake
Blades from the Willows

L. Ron Hubbard official site
Series: Jan Palmer
Slaves of Sleep UK US
The Masters of Sleep UK US
Typewriter in the Sky UK US

Peter Huby
Pasiphae UK

Tanya Huff
Series: Crystal
Child of the Grove UK US
The Last Wizard UK US
Series: Quarters
Sing the Four Quarters UK US
Fifth Quarter UK US
No Quarter UK US
Quartered Sea UK US
Summon the Keeper UK US
The Second Summoning UK US
Long Hot Summoning UK US
Series: Valdemar related
Sun in Glory with Judith Tarr, Mercedes Lackey, Rosemary Edghill... - short stories UK US
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light UK US
The Fire's Stone US
What Ho, Magic! with Meschia Merlin - short stories UK US
Stealing Magic short stories

Barry Hughart unofficial site
Series: The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox
Bridge of Birds US
The Story of the Stone US
Eight Skilled Gentlemen US

Brian Hughes
Series: The Greyminster Chronicles
Hobson & Co (Paranormal Investigators) UK

Carol Hughes
Jack Black and the Ship of Thieves UK US

Matthew Hughes official site
Series: Archonate
Fools Errant UK US
Fool Me Twice UK US
Black Brillion UK US
Majestrum UK US
Spiral Labyrinth UK US
Hespira 1st August 2008 UK US
Template soon...

Rhys H. Hughes
Eyelidiad UK

Robert Don Hughes
Series: Pelman the Powershaper
Prophet of Lamath US
The Wizard in Waiting US
The Power and the Prophet US
Series: Wizard and Dragon
The Forging of the Dragon US
The Faithful Traitor US

Ryan Hughes
Series: Dark Sun: Chronicles of Athas
The Darkness Before the Dawn US

Stephen Hunt official site
Series: Triple-Realm
For the Crown and the Dragon UK
The Court of the Air UK US
? soon...
? soon...

Erin Hunter
Series: Warriors
Into the Wild UK US
Fire and Ice UK US
Forest of Secrets UK US
Rising Storm UK US
A Dangerous Path UK US
The Darkest Hour UK US
Series: Warriors: The New Prophecy
Midnight UK US
Moonrise UK US
Dawn UK US

Jim Hunter
Percival and the Presence of God UK US

Kim Hunter
Series: The Red Pavilions
Knight's Dawn UK US
Wizard's Funeral UK US
Scabbard's Song UK US

Mollie Hunter
The Smartest Man in Ireland UK US
Thomas and the Warlock US
The Walking Stones US
The Wicked One UK US
The Mermaid Summer UK US

Charmian Hussey
The Valley of Secrets UK US

Linda Hutsell-Manning
Jason and the Wonder Horn UK US

Aldous Huxley official site
Jacob's Hands UK US

Qurratulain Hyder
River of Fire UK US

Jackie Hyman unofficial site
Shadowlight US

C. J. Cutliffe Hyne
The Lost Continent UK US

Peter Høeg
The History of Danish Dreams UK US