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Richard A. Knaak official site
Series: DragonLance
The Citadel UK US
Series: DragonLance: Heroes
The Legend of Huma UK US
Series: DragonLance: Heroes II
Kaz the Minotaur UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Lost Histories
Land of the Minotaurs UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Chaos War
Reavers of the Blood Sea UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Minotaur Wars
Night of Blood UK US
Tides of Blood UK US
Series: DragonLance: Tales II
The War of the Lance with Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman and Michael Williams UK US
Series: Dragonrealm
Firedrake UK US
Ice Dragon UK US
Wolfhelm UK US
Shadow Steed UK US
The Crystal Dragon US
The Dragon Crown UK US
The Horse King UK US
Series: Dragonrealm: Origins
The Shrouded Realm UK US
Children of the Drake UK US
Dragon Tome UK US
Series: Shattered Light
Ruby Flames UK US
Series: WarCraft
Day of the Dragon UK US
Series: WarCraft: War of the Ancients
The Well of Eternity UK US
The Demon Soul UK US
Series: WarCraft: The Sunwell Trilogy
Dragon Hunt UK US
Series: Diablo
Legacy of Blood UK US
Kingdom of Shadow UK US
Moon of the Spider UK US
Series: Diablo: The Sin War
Birthright UK US
Scales of the Serpent UK US
Series: Age of Conan, Hyborian Adventures: A Soldier's Quest
The God in the Moon 25th July 2006 UK US
King of the Grey UK US
Frostwing UK US
The Janus Mask UK US
Dutchman UK US