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crooty's band page:

Jennifer Macaire (official site)

David Macaulay (official site)

R. A. MacAvoy

George MacDonald (official site)

James D. MacDonald (official site)

John D. MacDonald (unofficial site)

Elizabeth MacE

Kinley MacGregor (official site)

D. J. MacHale

Arthur Machen (unofficial site)

Colin MacKay

Mary MacKey

Patricia MacLachlan (unofficial site)

Roderick MacLeish

Ian R. MacLeod (official site)

Catherine MacPhail

Svend Åge Madsen

Gregory Maguire

Naguib Mahfouz (unofficial site)

Margaret Mahy (unofficial site)

Michael Tanner & Ellen Maidman

Ben Maile

Norman Mailer (unofficial site)

Carol Main

Karen Maitland (official site)

Sara Maitland

Violette Malan (official site)

Geoffrey Malone

Patricia Malone

Sir Thomas Malory (unofficial site)

David Mamet (unofficial site)

Albert J. Manachino

Valerio Massimo Manfredi

Phillip Mann

Ruth Manning-Sanders

Dianna Marcellas

John Marco (official site)

Juliet Marillier (official site)

Jeff Mariotte (official site)

Jan Mark (unofficial site)

Lynne Markham

Laurie J. Marks (official site)

Louise Marley (official site)

Stephen Marley

Joshua J. Marsh (official site)

Edison Marshall

Hazel Marshall

Annalita Marsigli

Ann Marston (official site)

George R. R. Martin (official site)

Graham Dunstan Martin

Lori Martin

Rafe Martin (unofficial site)

Thomas K. Martin (official site)

Lee Martindale (official site)

Adrienne Martine-Barnes

Michael J. Martineck

A. Lee Martinez

Clem Martini

John Masefield (unofficial site)

Anita Mason

David Mason

Allan Massie

Sophie Masson (official site)

Anthony Masters (unofficial site)

Richard Matheson (unofficial site)

Barry Mathias (unofficial site)

Takashi Matsuoka

John Matthews

Jem Matzan (official site)

Xavier Mauméjean (unofficial site)

James Maxey

Julian May (unofficial site)

Kara May

Beth Mayall

Marianna Mayer (official site)

Robert Mayer

Ardath Mayhar

William Mayne

Anne Mazer

Norma Fox Mazer (unofficial site)

M. I. McAllister (official site)

Paul J. McAuley (official site)

Scott McBain

Anne McCaffrey (unofficial site)

Laura Williams McCaffrey (official site)

Todd J. McCaffrey (official site)

Justin Huntly McCarthy

Dennis McCarty

Geraldine McCaughrean

Tom McCaughren

Bill McCay

Ashley McConnell

Mike McCormack (unofficial site)

Patrick McCormack

Colleen McCullough (unofficial site)

J. Fitzgerald McCurdy

H. L. McCutchen (unofficial site)

Will McDermott

Ian McDonald (unofficial site)

Kathleen McDonnell (official site)

Terry McDonnell

Ian McDowell (official site)

Oisín McGann (official site)

Terry McGarry (official site)

Dan McGirt (official site)

Scott McGough

C. G. McGovern-Bowen

Anthony McGowan

Tom McGowen

Eloise Jarvis McGraw

Vincent McHugh

Fiona McIntosh (official site)

Vonda N. McIntyre (official site)

Lynn Armistead McKee

Juliet E. McKenna (official site)

Ellen Kindt McKenzie

Nancy McKenzie (official site)

Dixie Lee McKeone

Charles McKeown

Dennis L. McKiernan (official site)

Patricia A. McKillip (unofficial site)

Robin McKinley (official site)

Clemence McLaren

Teri McLaren

Kate McMullan (official site)

Sean McMullen (official site)

Janet McNaughton (official site)

Cliff McNish

Glenna McReynolds (unofficial site)

George R. Mead

Richard Meade

Dee Morrison Meaney

Shirley Meier

Jack A. Melanos

O. R. Melling (unofficial site)

David Memmott (official site)

Michael R. Mennenga (official site)

A. P. Merritt (unofficial site)

Melinda Metz

Chris Metzen

Kai Meyer

Ric Meyers

Yves Meynard (official site)

Gustav Meyrink

Nega Mezlekia

Livi Michael (unofficial site)

Melisa Michaels (official site)

Karen Michalson (official site)

Sarah Micklem (official site)

Haydn Middleton (unofficial site)

Martin Middleton (unofficial site)

Sandra Miesel

China Miéville (unofficial site)

Victor Milán (official site)

Rosalind Miles

Martin Millar (official site)

Calvin Miller (unofficial site)

Carl Miller

Deanna Miller (official site)

Deborah J. Miller (official site)

Faren Miller

J. P. Miller

John A. Miller

Karen Miller (official site)

Keith Miller

Moira Miller

Richard Miller

Ron Miller

Sasha Miller (official site)

Thos. Kent Miller

Rand Miller & David Wingrove

Steven Millhauser (unofficial site)

Craig Mills (official site)

Magnus Mills (unofficial site)

A. A. Milne (unofficial site)

Walter R. Milton (official site)

Barbara Minar

Octave Mirbeau

Hope Mirrlees (unofficial site)

Stuart W. Mirsky (unofficial site)

David Mitchell

Ken Mitchell

Naomi Mitchison (unofficial site)

Sarah Mlynowski (official site)

L. E. Modesitt Jr. (official site)

Walter Moers

Michael Molloy

James Moloney (official site)

Richard Monaco

Sarah Monette (official site)

Mary Monroe

Bucky Montgomery

Hugh Montgomery (official site)

Elizabeth Moon (official site)

Russell Moon

Bel Mooney (official site)

Michael Moorcock (unofficial site)

Alan Moore (unofficial site)

Christopher Moore (official site)

John Moore (official site)

Moira J. Moore (official site)

Nancy Jane Moore (official site)

Roger E. Moore

Sean A. Moore

Stephen Moore

Vance Moore (unofficial site)

Caiseal Mór

P. R. Moredun

K. L. Morgan

Kathleen Morgan (official site)

Irmtraud Morgner

Marcel Möring

Alanna Morland

Christopher Morley (unofficial site)

John David Morley

Michael Morpurgo (unofficial site)

John Morressy

Dave Morris

Gerald Morris

Janet E. Morris

Jean Morris

Kenneth Morris

Tee Morris (official site)

Tracy S. Morris (unofficial site)

William Morris (official site)

Winifred Morris

Dorothy Nafus Morrison

Pearl Morrison

G. D. Morrow

James Morrow (official site)

Roger Mortimer

Christine Morton-Shaw (official site)

Peter Morwood (official site)

Walter Mosley (official site)

D. G. Mowatt

Kate Muir

Manuel Mujica Láinez (unofficial site)

Tom Mula

Patricia Mullen

Richard V. Mullenax Jr. (official site)

Robin Muller (unofficial site)

Caryl Cude Mullin

Talbot Mundy (official site)

H. Warner Munn

Kevin Scott Munnings (official site)

Jean Muno

Jim Munroe (official site)

Terence Munsey (official site)

C. E. Murphy (official site)

Rita Murphy

Shirley Rousseau Murphy (official site)

Dwina Murphy-Gibb

Edward Myers (official site)

John Myers Myers

Walter Dean Myers (unofficial site)

Harold Myra