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Jean Rabe official site
Series: Forgotten Realms: The Harpers
Red Magic UK US
Series: DragonLance: Warriors
Maquesta Kar-Thon with Tina Daniell UK US
Series: DragonLance: Dragons of a New Age
Dawning of a New Age UK US
The Day of the Tempest UK US
The Eve of the Maelstrom UK US
Series: DragonLance: Bridges of Time
The Silver Stair UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Dhamon Saga
Downfall UK US
Betrayal UK US
Redemption UK US
Series: DragonLance: The Age of Mortals
The Lake of Death UK US
Series: The Sovereign Stone
The Taan with Janet Pack UK US
Series: Endless Quest
Secret of the Djinn UK US
Night of the Tiger UK US
Sands of Deception UK US
The Finest Creation UK US
The Finest Choice UK US
The Finest Challenge UK US
Return to Quag Keep with Andre Norton UK US