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Josepha Sherman official site
Series: Bard's Tale
Castle of Deception with Mercedes Lackey UK US
The Chaos Gate UK US
Series: Bardic Choices
A Cast of Corbies with Mercedes Lackey UK US
Series: Prince of the Sidhe
The Shattered Oath UK US
Forging the Runes UK US
Series: Secret of the Unicorn Queen
Swept Away US
The Dark Gods US
The Shining Falcon US
Horse of Flame US
Series: Serrated Edge
Stoned Souls with Mercedes Lackey - soon...
Series: Mage Knight
The Black Thorn Gambit March 2004 UK US
Child of Fearie, Child of Earth US
A Strange and Ancient Name UK US
Windleaf US
Gleaming Bright US
King's Son, Magic's Son UK US
Lammas Night with Mercedes Lackey - short stories UK US
Son of Darkness UK US