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Robert Silverberg official site
Series: Majipoor
*Lord Valentine's Castle UK US
*Majipoor Chronicles short stories UK US
*Valentine Pontifex UK US
*The Mountains of Majipoor UK US
*Sorcerers of Majipoor UK US
*Lord Prestimion UK US
*The King of Dreams UK US
*The Seventh Shrine short story UK US
*The Book of Changes short story UK US
Series: Gilgamesh
Gilgamesh the King US
To the Land of the Living US
Gilgamesh in the Outback short story
The Fascination of the Abomination short story
Gilgamesh in Uruk short story
Series: New Springtime
At Winter's End US
The Queen of Springtime US
Series: Gate of Worlds
Lion Time in Timbuctoo short stories UK